Installation in two rooms // Nails, thread
Dimensions variable

From the exhibition Like Pinning Jelly to the Wall curated by RAKE at Gråmølna, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Norway
Photos by Anita Lande

Read more about the exhibition here and interview in Norwegian by Elise Bjerkan for Artscene Trondheim here.

"Take Lona Hansen's installations of white string. When Hansen ties up string with mathematical precision, it is poetic in its minimalist aesthetic, but it is also an occupation of its own. Or hang on, is this work both the occupier and occupied? 

Surely, the string intrudes on the space, filling it, leaving it inaccessible to a viewer. Like a spider-web simultaneously violent and beautiful, it clearly marks it territory, albeit gently and elegantly. My body is firmly held back from entering the room, and the eyes have to do most of the work. But the moment I see the work, it is gone, and my body must once again move about in the limited space left in the room to get another glimpse. The enthusiasm of discovering the mesmerizing geometrical patterns of interference between the layers of string is constantly broken by a sense of blindness against the white walls. Work is devoured by context, by the white cube. By means of its architectural premises the space both makes the work possible and invisible. The string's gentle intrusion neutralized by an equally gentle gesture of reversed camouflage enacted by the gallery. Interestingly, this takes place in one of the quieter areas of Gråmølna, left in its original state by RAKE." 

- Excerpt from text The impossible occupation (and a gentle intrusion) by Erik Friis Reitan, published by RAKE for the Like Pinning Jelly to the Wall publication, 2015. Read the full text here.