Installation // Scotch tape
Dimensions variable

In collaboration with Stacy Brafield
Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway

"When approaching the wall of tape, your movements and your breath make the bands quiver slightly. As the installation reacts to your presence you too become highly aware of your physicality. Both the desire to enter the structure to explore it further, and the awareness that the pristine installation is extremely fragile enhances this sensation. The spectator is turned into a participant as it becomes difficult to perceive the artwork without relating it to one’s own physical presence. When the viewer is allowed to co-produce the situation, it might cause his or hers subjective awareness to merge with the artwork, creating a sensation of a new, more powerful, experience of totality. This heightened consciousness is not unlike what some Minimalist artists experienced with, which Michael Fried describes as such:

That the beholder is confronted by literalist work within a situation that he experiences as his means that there is an important sense in which the work in question exists for him alone, even if he is not actually alone with the work at the time. [...] Someone has merely to enter the room in which a literalist work has been placed to become that beholder, that audience of one – almost as though the work in question has been waiting for him.

This description also fits 3300. Watching, exploring and experiencing the work invokes a sensory delight, which might render the spectator convinced that the ghostly structure only truly reveals itself to him or herself." 

- Excerpt from the text The aesthetic appeal of impermanence by Espen Johansen.